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Unique Medical Devices welcome all our customers or would be customers for training on Surgical lasers like on Holmium & Thulium laser. The training of Holmium & Thulium laser is provided twice a year in San Donato Hospital, Italy. For the same, kindly write us or contact us so that we can register your details & forwarded to Quanta System to arrange the training on particular laser system.


you can write us on <> or <>


Apart from this, UMD organizes regular workshops at different part & zone of India on Thulium & Holmium lasers on Thulep & RIRS with UMP (Ultra Mini PCNL) procedures. You can find all details in our News & Events pages so that you can ask for registration for the same.


UMD used to arrange individual training for its customer at the Installation site where our prestigious customers are using our Thulium & Holmium machine since many years where they have been doing hundreds of cases in Quanta's Lasers.


There are few Videos on Thulium procedures which can be viewed directly from our webpages. These are procedures done on Quanta's Thulium Lasers. Kindly check every procedure of your interest which will let you know the quality of procedures by Quanta's Laser.



Thulium Vaporization:                                                 Thulium Laser Enucleation                           Enucleation and Ablation of Prostate



 Bladder Stone with Cyber Tm                              Thulium Laser Bladder Neck Incision               Ureter Tumor through Cyber Tm 150