ASDAL-M1 is an Electro-Magnetic ESWL system from GMESS of South Korea. It is an US FDA/ CE Certified ESWL with Integrated High Frequency C-Arm with Robotic Ultrasound attachment. It has some special and unique features which makes it quite different from other existing ESWL in the market:


  1. It has High End & High Frequency C-Arm with 1K CCD Camera for Image Intensifier System.
  2. It has higher successful stone fragmentation rate upto 95%.
  3. It has Three movements remote controlled Treatment table.
  4. It can provide comforts to patients and, at the same time, provide convenience to operators.
  5. Its Operating table is carefully designed, considering region of treatment, to maximize convenience of operation.  
  6. ASADAL-M1 is composed of high voltage generator and X-ray emitter for calculus diagnosis with shockwave generator for treatment.
  7. It has powered up generator which reduces treatment time and increase durability.
  8. It has High performance X-Ray image localization.
  9. It has good Database management for patient history.
  10. It has Remote controller of 6 way table top.
  11. It is Dicom 3.0 compatible
  12. It has Manual holder for Ultrasound localization probe
  13. It has ABS (Auto Brightness System)
  14. ESWL ASADAL-M1 will minimize burden of surgery and hospitalization.




SDS - 5000

  1. SDS-5000 is Electrohydraulic from GEMSS, It has over 95% success rate of stone breaking by initial operation which satisfies both patient and operator.
  2. It has dynamic shock wave range generator.
  3. It has Ergonomics table design, Universal Urological table which is 3-Axis (X, Y, Z) motorized driven control.
  4. With its ergonomic design, both patient and operator can experience extended level of comfort
    even for a long operation.
  5. Operator and patient can communicate through headset and microphone and music player
    for patient provides additional enjoyment and relaxation during operation.
  6. SDS-5000’s well controlled shock wave does not allow tissue damage.
  7. Especially, Digital 1K camera helps stones to disintegrate successfully and also provides
    high quality images.
  8. Image processing program provides multiple function for medical environment.
  9. DICOM files are supported to communicate through PACS.