Unique Medical devices is an Authorized & Exclusive Distributor of Medkonsult Medical Technology, Czech republic for its complete range Urodynamics & Uroflowmetry for Indian market..

The company was founded in 1992 as a successor of former company Bruel a Kjaer Czechoslovakia which had been a distributor of Danish ultrasound producer. The headquarter of the company is in Olomouc with branch office in Prague and subsidiary company Medkonsult Slovakia, s.r.o. with its centre in Trenčín.

There is a business department, service and production centre in Olomouc. They also provide an education (courses, workshops) for our cutomers and partners in close cooperation with the doctors from Olomouc University Hospital.

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Different Urodynamic models are :

Uromic Jive

6- Ch. Urodynamic system

Uromic Jive is 6-Ch. Urodynamic System with 1-Ch. Optional UPP . It is portable & mobile Urodynamic system. It has different variants like Inbuilt Patient couch Jive, Eco-stand Mobile Jive, Standard Touch control PC System jive. Easy to use with LAN Facility. Editable report formats with editable tests & software. Live Reply facility.


Uromic Samba

8-Ch. Urodynamic system

8- Ch. Urodynamic system with 1-Ch. Optional for UPP. Inbuilt Industrial PC & medical grade Isolated Power supply with Dedicated UDS Trolley. The inbuilt Industrial PC is safer & faster and trouble free PC system. It is portable & rugged PC system. Samba has inbuilt Medical grade power supply with multiple extensions.



Uromic QuickStep

8-Ch. Urodynamic System

Compact 8 Ch. System for complex functional diagnostics in urology, urogynecology, gastroenterology, anorectal manometry and other field. The system is mounted on a height adjustable stand, Includes PC with full touch screen, waterproof/infection control friendly keyboard, accurate cystometric pump.



Uromic Tango

16-Ch. Urodynamic System

Tango is 16 Ch. high end urodynamic system from Medkonsult Medical Technology. This is inbuilt with Ultrasound system for Video-Urodynamic & Industrial PC for fast & trouble free processing. This has 16 Ch. with 2-UFM & 2-EMG Channel. it has more than 10 Pressure ch.