Lithoclast(DEEPRA-LITH) is the Intracorporeal Shock wave lithotripter. It is UMD's Indigenous product developed by its own with easy control & more effective fragmentation rate. It has few salient features which makes it better & different from other Pneumatic Lithotripter.

1. Light weight & attractive body design.
2. Automatic foot switch detector
3. Digital & fully microprocessor based technology.
4. With optional Silent Air Compressor.
5. Different size of probes.

UMD can manufactures the Lithoclast as per the user's choice. Let us know your requirement so that we can develop the Lithoclast system as per your requirement. Our lithoclast system is more powerful with long life. All the probes are single type probes without any joints in between which makes it highly effective on very hard stone.

DEEPRA-LITH is the portable Lithoclast which is very easy to carry anywhere without heavy packaging. It is very light weighted. Low running cost & available with silent Air compressor system with movable trolley.