DUSTER - ESWL SYSTEM is a non-integrated C-Arm. It is a Portable & Movable ESWL system without C-Arm. It is compatible with any make C-Arm. The Ultrasound mechanical arm is optional with DUSTER.

Duster is a new generation ESWL system with movable ellipsoid for lower urinary track stones. It is a complete micro-processor based with touch control panel. It is highly powerful for all types of Kidney stones & offer 90% stone fragmentation.

It is the one its unique type in electro-hydraulic ESWL system with movable ellipsoid.

It is the only system has inbuilt  service mode to detect & resolve the faults without much delay.

It is the one of its unique type as the user can change the repetition rate of shocks without stopping the system.

It is the only system with auto -adjustable SMPS system which avoid any kind of power fluctuation & deliver the consisted shocks.

The powerful ellipsoid with real elliptical shape helps to deliver eally powerful shocks for better fragmentation of stones. 

It is very useful for pediatric patients also as it has a medium size ellipsoid.

DUSTER is an ESWL system with Latest configured software with touch screen control panel. The system has all facility with touch control.

It has real time date & time facility. It automatically stops after completing the described no. of shocks.

DUSTER electrodes are economical & highly effective. It is easy to use & maintain. It delivers very high & effective power even at low power.