Spes Medica offers the quality you expect and help deliver the patient comfort that you need. The needle electrode material is biocompatible stainless steel: the best compromise between clear recording with low noise and cost effettive. With a variety of needle lengths and types, available in several leadwire lengths, we have the right set of needle electrodes for your application needs.



 CodeNeedle Cable Connector Pack (PU) 
MN4013D10S0,40mm (27G) x 13mm100 cmT.P. 1,5mm24 pcsImmagine
MN4013D10B0,40mm (27G) x 13mm100 cm
T.P. 1,5mm24 pcs2
MN4013D15S0,40mm (27G) x 13mm150 cm T.P. 1,5mm24 pcs Immagine
MN4013D15B0,40mm (27G) x 13mm150 cm T.P. 1,5mm24 pcs2
MN4013D25S0,40mm (27G) x 13mm250 cmT.P. 1,5mm24 pcs Immagine
MN4013D25B0,40mm (27G) x 13mm250 cmT.P. 1,5mm24 pcs2
MN3512P2050,35mm (28G) x 12mm120 cm Pin 2 mm25 pcs3
MN3512P1500,35mm (28G) x 12mm8 cmPin 1 mm250pcs3
MN3518P1500,35mm (28G) x 18mm8 cmPin 1 mm250 pcs3
MN3512P1000,35mm (28G) x 12mm8 cmPin 1 mm100 pcs3
MN3512F1100,35mm (28G) x 12mm/Pin 1 mm250 pcs 
MN3512F1000,35mm (28G) x 12mm/Pin 1 mm100 pcs 
MN3010F0070,30mm (30G) x 10mm/Protect Pin 0,7mm 40 pcs 
Different configurations and lenghts available on request