UMD deals with GEMSS From South Korea for its complete range of ESWL (Lithotripsy) machine. GEMSS from South Korea manufactures all types of ESWL including Electrohydraulic & Electromagnetic ESWL. All its ESWL systems are C-Arm based with optional Ultrasound attachments.
DUSTER is a non-integrated ESWL Model.


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The Range of ESWL System includes :

Non-Integrated ESWL

DUSTER Lithotripsy System

DUSTER is a non-integrated with C-Arm. It is a Portable & Movable ESWL system without C-Arm. It is compatible with any make C-Arm. The Ultrasound mechanical arm is optional with DUSTER.

Duster is a new generation ESWL system with movable ellipsoid for lower urinary track stones. It is a complete micro-processor based with touch control panel. It is highly powerful for all types of Kidney stones & offer 90% stone fragmentation rate.


Integrated ESWL System


SDS-5000 is a ElectroHydraulic ESWL system with Integrated C-Arm and optional ultrasound arm. The Inbuilt C-Arm is very useful to treat patients with less time & high effects as there is no need to calibrate the C-Arm with ESWL System. It takes less room space. It is available with HF C-arm with Inverter type Generator system. Less X-Ray effects & safer for operator & patient as well. Great stone fragmentation due to integrated C-Arm system.



Electro-Magnetic ESWL


ASADAL-M1  is an Electr-Magnetic ESWL System. It is integrated with HF C-Arm & Optional Ultrasound attachment. Less painful & high stone fragmentation rate.  Low maintenance & low running cost. It has unique & Dynamic Shock wave generator which delivers high & powerful shocks which enables the system to fragments the stone mostly in first sitting only.