Features :

  • 8 Ch. Urodynamic System : 2 Ch. For Uroflowmetry/ 4 Ch. For Pressures/ 2Ch. For EMG/ 1 Ch. For Optional Pullar Device. The system is avilable with Industrial PC system with optional Touch screen.
  • User editable Software & Report Formats.
  • Complete Tests like : Uroflowmetry/ Cystometry / Pressure Flow Studies/ Leak Point Pressure/ Biofeedback/ EMG and Standard Nomograms are available with the Basic Unit.
  • Video-Urodynamic / UPP/ Anal Manometry & GI Manometry Tests are Optional. - System is Totally Upgradeable to Vidoe-Urodynamic / UPP/ Anal Manometry / GI Motility.
  • User friendly Software - Compact & Attractive Body.
  • Uroflow with height Adjustable Stand. 
  • Inbuilt Ultrasound Option or Color Doppler also available for Vidoe-Urodynamic.
  • Different types of report formats & all are editable as per user's requirement.
  • LAN Facility with data tape recorder facility to reply the patient data
  • Strong patient data management software with unlimited patient data storage.