Unique Medical Devices is associated with Spes Medica from Italy for its complete range of Neurological accessories & disposables. Spes Medica's mission is to give a concrete contribution to the world of medical devices in order to develop and produce high-quality and high-tech devices, always trying to support the customer for every request.


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UMD have different range of Spes Medica's Neurology accessories like:


- Disposable EMG Needles with Different sizes

- Concentric reusable EMG Needles

- Cable for all types of EMG Needles

- Gold & Silver Plated EEG Electrodes with different type & sizes

- Different types of EEG Cap (Reuasble and Disposabels)

- Different types of PSG Sensors 

- Current stimulator electrode

- Grounding Cables etc.                                                                                               → More