Cyber HO 100W Holmium Yag Laser:

Cyber Ho 100 Holmium laser meets the increasing demand of efficacy, flexibility with a unique multiplication laser platform able to perform both Lithotripsy and HoLEP.
Cyber Ho 100 can reach up to 105W power and brings outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive Vapor Tunnel and Master Pulse technology for advanced retropulsion control.

1. Maximum out-put: 105 W

2. Wavelength : 2.1 μm.

3. Repetition Rate: 80 HZ.

4. Energy Per pulse: 5 J.

5. Pulse duration: 50-1100 μs.

6. Fiber recognition: RFID system.

7. Activation : Double footswitch.

8. Operating Temperature : 10⁰C - 30⁰C.

9. Laser class: 4 (IEC/EN 60825-1:2014).

10. Dimension: 52 cm (W) * 120 cm (D) * 123 cm (H)(monitor closed) 230 Kg

11. Adjustable pulse width.

12. Green aiming beam.

13. Touch screen color display rotate 360degrees or have swiveling TFT display.

14. Fiber & suction tube support arm.

15. Closed loop, self-contained water to air exchanger cooling system.

16. Able to Enucleate, Vaporize and Resect circulated adenoma tissue in BPH treatment.

17. Fragment calculi of any size in the bladder ureter or kidney and any impacted stone fragment.

18. Stone dusting.

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