Unique Medical devices is an Authorized & Exclusive Distributor of Quanta System for its complete range of surgical Laser for Indian market.
Quanta System from Italy is the manufacturer of all types of Surgical Lasers like Holmium, Thulium, Green & Diode laser apart from Co2 & Aesthetic lasers. Quanta not only manufactures lasers in Medical field but also in Scientific & defense along with Art.

Quanta System is an important player in the worldwide laser technology market, specializing in 3 scientific fields: Surgery,Aesthetics and Art.These distinct sectors are united by a common methodology,focus on quality of life and care for the people who benefit from Quanta’s technologies.

Quanta’s drive to innovation is evident in the constant effort to introduce new technologies and devices that satisfy the most demanding requirements.The top value of the company is research - which we call Discovery - and is embedded in the company DNA. Discovery satisfies the human need to research, finding whatever technology is necessary, culminating in the best solution to both physicians and patients. Quanta deeply follows the tradition of our Italian heritage, a population rich in explorers and great inventors. Quanta’s successes around the world confirm the strong push for innovation and the internationalization of Italian projects and technologies. They represent our commitment every day to explore systems for Aesthetics and Surgery, always led by the principle of “taking care of people, our masterpieces”.


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We deals in Quanta's :

Holmium Yag Laser

30W/35W Litho & LithoDK30

Lihto is the conventional 30W/35W floor model of Holmium Yag Laser & LithoDK30 is 30W desktop model. Both the models are portable & light weight. Technical specifications are same but different in size & weight. Quanta's Holmium is really powerful laser in medium wattage range due to its 0.22NA aperture & maximum 1500 us pulse width. It has inbuilt Dusting & Hard stone mode.



Thulium Laser

Cyber 150W & 200W

Cyber is the Thulium laser with 150W & 200W output. It is the most safer & faster surgical laser with latest pulse width technology. Most powerful for Vaporisation of Prostatic glands. It can be used in different modes like ThuVap, Thulap & ThuVEP. Better technology with better result due to clear vision with no vibration of laser fiber. Almost NIL running cost.



Diode Laser

Polysurge 200W

Another safest surgical laser for prostate is high wattage Diode laser. It is less in weight with mobile unit version. Less investment with maximum wattage for safer & fast BPH procedures. no water required. Almost NIL running cost.



Cyber Ho : High Power Holmium Yag Laser

60W Holmium Yag Laser

Cyber Ho a New Series of High Power Holmium Yag Laser After Litho. It is a Ideal Laser System for Both Stone & Prostate Treatment. It has unique Features & High - End Specifications at really affordable prices. Some Features are only Available in this machine Like Master-Pulse & Vapor-Tunnel Features.