UMD Endoscopy    
UMD Endoscopy is the new MIS division of Unique Medical Devices. UMD has developed its own unique category of Endoscopic Instruments, Devices , Light Sources & Camera systems. UMD Endoscopy is the Quality Product division introduced by Unique Medical Devices to complete its Urology Segment. UMD is an Importer of Fine & High Quality ODM Basis Endoscopes with German Technology & its many Instruments & Devices are developed here in India with dedicated R & D Team to produce the ï¬Âne quality Instruments & Product for MIS.
T.U.R.P Set   Cysto-Urethroscope Set
UMD TURP Set has the High Deï¬Ânition Telescope with different sizes & Lengths for Adult & Pediatric Urology. It consists 4mm Telescope with Resectoscopy Sheath & Mono- Polar or Bi-Polar Working Elements with respective HF Cord. The High Grade Stainless Steel material with easy handling movements gives better grip & working during surgery. Visual Obturator & VIU Sheath are the part of This SET Optionally.   UMD Cystoscope Set has the High Deï¬Ânition Telescope with different view of angles & for Adult & Pediatric Urology. It consists 4mm/0D Telescope with Cystoscopy Sheath with different sizes & 1-Ch or 2-Ch. working Bridge.Other accessories like Stent Removal Forceps & Cup Biopsy forceps are available with high grade stainless steel material.
Uretero-Reno-Scope   Standard & Mini-Nephroscope
UMD Endoscope bringd HD Ureterorenoscope with different sizes & Lengths for Adult & Pediatric Urology. It has Different types of URS staring from 4Fr. to 7.8 fr. URS with full HD vision Quality It rugged design & more ï¬Âber bundles make its Vision far better even with standard Camera system   19Fr. Standard Nephroscope with ï¬Âber bundles make it more sturdy. The Quality & Life of the scopes are far better than rod lenses. It has more flexibility than rod lenses types scope , thanks to ï¬Âber optics technology. 13Fr. Mini Nephroscopes also follows the same technology with better grip.
Ultra -Mini PCNL   LED light Source
Ultra-Mini PCNL Scope is the thinnest scope with maximum 30K fiber bundles make its better quality scopes with thinnest diameter. Best suitable for Ultra-Mini PCNL with or without Laser surgery.   U-LITE LED Light Series by UMD is white Cold light Source. It comes with different Power & Intensity. It has 90W to 150W series of LED Light for endoscopy Procedure. It comes with storz compatible FOC. Other connectors are available on demand only. UMD also provide the OEM & ODM Solution for Led Light Source.