Another important segment of Urological department is Endo-Urology instruments & equipments. We Unique Medical Devices deals in complete endo-Urology products from RZ Medizintachnik GmbH, Germany. Our range of Endo-Urology products includes TURP Set, Cystoscopy Set, PCNL (Nephroscopy) , OIU & URS Set. Apart from this we also provides complete Endo-Vision set like 1-Chip, 3-Chip & HD Endoscopy Camera, Xenon, Halogen light & LED sources & Optical light cable.

We are an authorized distributor of RZ Medizintechnik, Germany for complete India & distribute the products through channel partners.
Kindly contact us for any of your required endo-urology & endo-vision set from one of the leading manufacturer from world.


Featured Products


    Fully HD Telescope with Active or Passive resectoscopy element with rotatable sheath. All other accessories like Loop, Ball electrodes with knife available. Stroz compatible instruments with light weight & comfortable grip. No fatigue & No hardness during TURP surgery. 

    Cystoscopy SET

    All sizes of sheath of 17, 19, 21, 23 & 25Fr. with standard obturator are available. 1-ch & 2-Ch. Cystoscopy Bridge with accessories like grasping forceps & biopsy forcers are included in cystoscopy set. All instruments are light weighted & comfortable in use.

    Nephroscopes (PCNL)

    All Sizes from standard of 19Fr. , 13.5 Fr (Standard & long length) Nephroscope with 3Fr. Ultra Mini PCNL scope are manufactured by LUT. The Mini UMP is the unique PCN scope to be used with Holmium Laser to reduces the uses of RIRS procedures for very complicated lower calyces kidney stones. This is the best solution for complicated lower & inferior calyces stones. Apart from this all standard PCNL accessories & disposables are available.   


    21 Fr. OIU Set with half round sheath & one working channel to be fitted with either active or passive working element as per user's choice. All the knifes are available with different types & shapes. Along with OIU set, the OTIS from LUT is also available.


    Ureteroscopes (URS)

    Different types & fr. sizes of URS from bigger one of 7.5-  10fr. to  6-7.5Fr. are available with detachable Bridge. All other standard accessories comes along with URS. 7.5Fr. URS in bigger size is only available with LUT which required less dilation in most of the ureter during insertion of scope.

    Endoscopy Cameras

    All Endoscopy CCD camera from 1-chip to 3-Chip HD with optional zoom coupler manufactured by LUT. LUT provides the best quality HD system  at affordable prices. The LUT HD system is one of the best imaging solution is endoscopy procedures. 

    Halogen & Xenon Light sources

    2 X 250W Halogen light sources with 175W to 350W xenon cold light sources are another ranges of products in endo-vision rack of LUT. All the light sources are bright with extremely cold and avoid any kind of heat & burn on optics during procedures. 

    LED Light Sources

    LED light sources are the most economical lighting solution in endoscopy procedures as the life of LED lamp is almost 50,000 Hrs. It generates a real & bright white light to provide the best image during surgery. The new generation LED light from LUT is the best solution in imaging department for Urology & Surgery.