The reusable 10mm diameter cup electrodes are made of thick fine silver band to avoid bending. Thanks the electrode shape the bowl can contain more gel for long term recording. The large base permits to use the electrodes also with double adhesive rings. Electrode and wire are moulded and with no risk of oxidation due to gel or water that penetrates the standard shrink tube.



 CodeElectrodesCableConnectorPack (PU) 
DAGM102600Diameter 10mm AgAgCl100 cmT.P. 1,5mm10 pcs
DAGM152600Diameter 10mm AgAgCl150 cmT.P. 1,5mm10 pcs
DAGM252600Diameter  10mm AgAgCl250 cmT.P. 1,5mm10 pcs
DEGM102600Diameter 10mm Gold100 cmT.P. 1,5mm10 pcs
DEGM152600Diameter 10mm Gold150 cmT.P. 1,5mm10 pcs
DEGM252600Diameter 10mm Gold250 cmT.P. 1,5mm10 pcs

Different configurations available on request